Wednesday, 22 January 2014


It's the New Year!, and here at Magic Moments we are going through a bit of a transitional phase, the cafe is now closed, and we are on the lookout for new premises, where we will be hopefully opening a sandwich shop and a place for kids with Autism and their families to go to, youth club, etc, also the membership structure has now changed (see website for details)

We had the honour of being on the new local TV station, Estuary TV, which went really well, and obviously gave us a lot of coverage, Pat and Barry were exceptional, if you all saw it i'm pretty sure you'll agree.

A BIG thanks again to New Century Foods who donated £1000, details on the news page

We are very grateful to Farzana Khanum who has agreed to run the London marathon to raise money for Magic Moments if you click on her picture on the website it will take you to her My Donate page.

Also very grateful to Andrew Shearman for his amazing work with his Clothes Campaign which will help raise funds for us, and which is going really well, details will be on the website.

Some upcoming events planned:
Quiz Night 31st January at Magic Moments, Cole Street, £1 entry on the night, there will be a small raffle, tea and coffee will be available, kids can come too, questions will be by Ross Cryer who specializes in Mythology!! so if anybody's into that...or you're a teacher...or on the team of a'll probably win!!

Then on 28th February it's the ever popular race night at Magic Moments, Cole Street, this is £5 a ticket including Pie n Peas, and it's £1 per bet, tickets are available now from Magic Moments, this is a popular event so please book your tickets early.

Hope everybody has a Happy 2014


Monday, 9 December 2013

Kids With Autism Can Have A Life

Welcome to our Official Blog, for our first post we want to explain the
reason behind our charity, we believe children and young adults, with Autism
and Aspergers, and all those with general learning difficulties have a right
to the same quality of life as everybody else, and with the right support
from parents, families, carers, this should be possible.

Here at Magic Moments we have some wonderful youngsters who take pleasure in
working hard and socialising with their peers, it is obviously hard for them
at times, but they have the determination, and it is our job to guide them
and give them encouragement, praise and thanks for all they do.

Here are the names of just some of our amazing youngsters, Hope, Paige,
Ross, Barry, Thomas, Daniel, Jason, Thomas, Luke, Ryan, Kaitlan, Nick,
Courtney, we're so proud of them all.

Their families and their siblings have it tough too, with different levels
of stress, Magic Moments is the ideal place for them to come and chat, this is what
we are here for, to give them somewhere to come and socialise with friendly
like minded people, go on trips, holidays, etc, whilst having the reassurance
that they are with people in a similar situation, it can make all the
difference, why shouldn't these youngsters and their mum's, dad's, bother's,
sister's, and other family relatives have happy magic moments

We are determined as a charity, as Magic Moments, for this cause.